Graduate Funding

What is it?

A new initiative that breaks down barriers by supporting employers of all sectors and sizes, making it possible for you to create new impactful opportunities for graduates while benefiting your organisation and exclusive to Scotland.

How will this help my business?

Recruiting a recent graduate for an internship will help you to: 

  • Gain new ideas and insight from a diverse new hire 
  • Develop and inspire existing team members 
  • Benefit from a highly skilled, motivated fresh outlook
  • Raise awareness of your industry and organisation 
  • Build a skilled workforce for now and in the future

Graduate talent pool

Graduates are all based in Scotland, aged 29 and under, and are currently unemployed or feel that they are not on the career track they’d prefer, so are available to start work almost immediately

The Graduates are from a wide diversity and backgrounds to ensure this support is targeted to those who need it.


You decided what you need. Funding is available for:

  • Up to 35 hours a week (minimum 16 hours)
  • Up to 6 months (minimum 2 months)
  • Paid at National Living Wage (£9.50)
  • Maximum funding you will receive is £8645

What do I need to do?

  • Have clearly defined, tangible outcomes which is a developmental opportunity for the graduate and with a clear benefit to your organisation   
  • That are open to flexible working patterns, with a minimum of 16 hours per week
  • Provide an induction 
  • Have adequate facilities, materials, and equipment 
  • On-the job training 
  • Support and supervision
  • Developing their skills in the workplace 
  • Organising a ‘buddy system’ to connect them with colleagues to support them day-to-day
  • Sharing advice about your career journey, or arranging a mentor within the organisation
  • Providing opportunities to network, or get involved in relevant courses and events
  • Encouraging the graduate to make use of support through the local team

Who can apply?

  • Any Sector
  • Any Size of Business
  • Sole Trader to Limited Company
  • Based in Scotland
  • Only recruiting graduates in Scotland

Closing date

Funding ends on 30th November 2022


Inc VAT £78.00

(Ex VAT £65.00)

The cost is for MZN Consultancy to Administer your application. 

MZN Consultancy does not receive any funding or support from the organisation supporting this grant.

Who is operating this programme?

There are four regional hubs supporting graduates into positions, you will be supported by a local team member to advertise and promote your position to find the right candidate for you.


During the time the graduate is with you the local team will support you with:

  • Professional Development Plan template you can use to set and review goals 
  • Access to the Just Graduated? What Next online course via Open Learn 
  • Peer support and learning with other graduates on internships around Scotland 
  • Regular review and check-ins from the local team.