Take advantage of the Kickstart Scheme

Did you miss the kickstart presentation? If so, here is the replay of the presentation. so, grab a coffee (and a cake, as you deserve it) and watch back the replay. The main presentation is about 12min long with the Q&A session ….  Read More

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Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity Boosts the Financial Performance of Firms

As a champion of having a #diverseworkforce and what it can bring to an organisation. I was please to see the findings from Glasgow Caledonian University, clearly showing having an increase in gender #diversity at top has had a “positive and significant” effect on the financial performance of firms.

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Elevate Your Skills

Elevate Your Future Skills

Your Long Term Skills Is your business ready for the long term? Do you have a people strategy in place? What capabilities does your business need for the future? Listen to Moiz Nurbhai’s interactive presentation in conjunction with Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce, ….  Read More

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MZN Consultancy

The Future Outlook – Create The Shift

The short and medium term outlook for the UK shows signs of a second wave. The good news is the government has created a process to stem the spread by using regional lockdowns. However, the impacts for businesses are huge. Highlighted are ….  Read More

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Race and Inculusion training

Race and Inclusion.

To tackle any issue, whether that be #Disability, #Religion, #Race, etc. We need to educate ourselves and discuss these matters, it’s easy to ignore or to say it doesn’t affect me.

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Resilience is a Team Sport 1

Resilience is a Team Sport

A short read. “If good teams outperform the best individual, then resilient teams outlast the strongest individual.” (Quote from the article) If you are a leader in an organisation, understanding your individual and team resilience needs can ensure your organisation stays fit ….  Read More

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